Secret 1337 Trick - Undo Close Tab in Firefox

I just found an interesting feature in Firefox 2. If you have an open tab, then close it, you can right-click the tabs and choose 'Undo Close Tab' and the banished tab will return.


Jim Priest, who turned me on to the Microsoft Update Reboot Fix points out that the following key combos work:
CTRL+T = new tab
CTRL+SHIFT+T = restore last closed tab

I've use CTRL+T countless times. It never dawned on me to try CTRL+SHIFT+T. Thanks again Jim!

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7/17/08 4:53 AM # Posted By Stefan

Ctrl-Shift-Tab does not work with Firefox 3.0.

Can anyone confirm this or is it just my installation?

7/17/08 4:54 AM # Posted By Stefan

Uh - I meant Ctrl-Shift-T

9/30/08 12:40 PM # Posted By Logan

Thanks dan you saved me on my homework