Wishlists come true. Thanks Adobe!

Does anyone remember my posting a while ago about Adobe purchasing Flex books from Amazon Wishlists? I remember quite a few people doubting it was true. When I originally heard the news, I immediately set up a wishlist and added every Flex resource I didn't already have.

After my nice long vacation in the Florida Keys, I came home to a nice surprise! A package from Amazon containing the Lynda videos for Flex!

So, yes it is true. Adobe isn't just going Mad Hatter, of course. I imagine they have a budget and they dole out some books from time to time. I am very happy to be the recipient.

Turns out I already have the Lynda Videos. I was slow in removing them from the wishlist. The only proper thing for me to do was give them to some other deserving soul. Sean has agreed to host a 1,000,000 hits contest for the Videos. You can find details of the contest at Sean's blog.

A big thank you to Mike Potter and the Flex.org team for their continued community support.

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