Bears in the neighborhood.

At the moment, I live in New Jersey, right where the suburbs of the 'city' meet the countryside. New Jersey is remarkable for a lot of reasons. Today, let us talk of my favorite topic, Bears.

Not the Chicago Bears, mind you, I mean the black fuzzy bears that look so cute you want to reach out and pet them. Of course, you need to have a friend along. Afterwards someone will be transporting parts of your carcass to the hospital. Who better than a friend, right? I digress, Death and Dismemberment notwithstanding, the bears are seriously cute.

For some reason, I seem to attract bears. Maybe I need to change my hair care products, or finally cease wearing the sneakers I've had for 4 years. Regardless, I have 6 bear sightings in less than a year.

I have seen 6 wild bears. 3 I saw on foot. 3, I just saw in my neighborhood as I was leaving for a sandwich.

Professional Bearologists will tell you to leave the bears alone. They say do not follow the bears, stay far away. This is precisely what I did not do.

I followed the bears (doing 1MPH in my car with the window open) across three lots trying to take a sensible picture with my camera phone. I was sure they would jump through the window and start mauling at any second. The thought of getting up close pictures was worth the risk.

As you can tell from the stellar image quality, it was not worth the risk. I should have left the phone in my pocket and just watched the bears.

So now, in place of getting a new MacBook, I am looking for a new cellphone/pda with an excellent camera. I am leaning towards the Blackberry Pearl

Any recommendations, suggestions, personal anectdotes?

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