Upcoming update to the Var Scope Checker

While helping a user on IRC, (dalnet #ColdFusion) I was looking for the Var Scope Checker. In my hunt to find the darned thing, I saw in the comments of Matt Woodward's blog that Seth Petry-Johnson is planning on updating the Var Scope Checker.

If you aren't familiar with the var scope checker, it is a tool that scours your source code looking for unscoped variables. It is a reasonably intelligent tool in the current incarnation.

My only gripe with the tool is it isn't savvy in cfscript blocks. This is apparently set to change this weekend. Keep an eye on Seth's blog for the update.

If you are reading this and are a ColdFusion programmer and have no idea why you need this tool, please have a read at the following:

Seth, if you read this, please consider placing the tool on RIA forge. As it is now, I have to find your site, which throws an error, then walk down to the base directory.

Update: Mike Schierberl has another var scope checking tool found here. According to Mike, "I also developed a test case file that is useful for identifying cases that the tool should find. After installing varScopeChecker, I ran my testCaseCFC and it only found 16 of 24 unscoped variables.".
The test case is available here.

Please have a look at Mike's Var Scope tool.

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