Google and the new menu bar

I read Ted Patrick today talking about Google Making Him Think and I laughed. As a programmer, there are lots of reasons to change an application and an interface. Change is good right?

So I get home and go check my Google analytics for the week. Oddly enough, my normal pattern of getting inside Google Analytics does not work. Why? Because the new menu bar has a generic listing of Google services, not the list I used to get. There once was a link to 'My Services' or something like that. It is no longer.

To underscore Ted's point further, I can't even remember the name of the link. I just have muscle memory of clicking in the top left hand corner, selecting the correct link and then clicking Analytics.

This was such an ingrained habit, I didn't even know how to get to the Google Analytic page without searching GOOGLE for it.

To round this out, when I get to the Analytics page, it is asking me for my password. It never did that before.

So while change can be good, I think Google blew it on this round. I want my Insta-Login Analytics link back.

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