Great New Flex book: Rich Internet Applications with Adobe Flex and Java

I recently purchased Rich Internet Applications with Adobe Flex and Java. At 700+ pages, this book is no lightweight. Street price for the book is $119 and this seems like the higher end for technical books. If you order soon, you can take advantage of the Pre-Order pricing of 69.99. Let me tell you why this book is worth the money.

The pace of the book suited me well. I do a fair amount of research on technical topics on my own so when I get a book on programming, I want to see code and write programs. A lot of technical books begin with a history of the topic followed by a hundred or so pages of background and concepts. If you are like me, you usually skip to chapter 6 and start from there. RIA with Flex and Java begins with a page and a half by Bruce Eckel (of Thinking in Java fame), another page and a half by Matt Chotin (Flex Product Manager) then a quick fourteen pages on RIAs, Architecture and alternatives to Flex. You will build your first application on Page 22.

This book is about building applications in Flex, which is taught incrementally by building a number of applications ranging from an XML fed Gas Station application to a Portfolio/Charting application to Flex+MSExcel integration. As the applications progress, you learn more advanced topics. Even though Java is the server side language used in the book, developers familiar with other languages will gain plenty. The concepts and execution are the same. Don't let the word 'Java' scare you away from this great learning resource.

To further that point, here are the chapters in the book:

  1. Architecture of Rich Internet Applications
  2. Getting Familiar with Flex
  3. Flex Builder Development Environment
  4. Learning Flex Through Applications
  5. A Complete Application with RPC Communications and JMS
  6. End-to-End Rapid Application Development with Flex Data Management Services
  7. How to Write Your Own Data Management Services
  8. Enhancing and Extending Flex Controls
  9. Trees with Dynamic Data Population
  10. Working with Large Applications
  11. Advanced Data Grid
  12. Logging and Debugging Flex and Java Applications
  13. Building a SlideShow Application
  14. Developing Custom Charts
  15. Integration with External Applications

As you can see, this book covers a lot of Flex development scenarios.

As the man on T.V. says "But wait! There is more!

In addition to the book, you also get a DVD with all the sample code on it as well as 10 video sessions on Real World Flex.

The Authors of the book are principals of Farata Systems, rated in the top 10 Flex companies in the world so between the video content and the numerous applications you will build with the help of the Adobe Flex and Java book, this is the best $69.99 you can spend on your Flex Education. You can order the book here and get a PDF copy of the book instantly while the book is being shipped.

Disclosure: I was not compensated in any way to write this article. I paid $69.99 all by myself

Update: Bruce Phillips does not agree with me about my recommendation on this book. In the interest of fair and balanced reporting, please read the comments below.

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3/20/08 11:12 AM # Posted By Deha Peker

I am in the verge of starting a new development project that is going to be RIA type of financial application therefore I started evaluating RIA development framework alternatives such as Seam, or TIBCO GI or Adobe Flex.

I am currently pretty much experienced in Java and AJAX programming using DWR/Spring/Hibernate combination and some other gadget libraries. I am also quite new to Adobe Flex and heard good things about it as Flex fits very well to "Java Hybrid Programming" model and can satisfy all the usability and functionality requirements that any web based application could ever reach.

Fain's book seems to be the one I was looking for, but it is pointing to earlier release of Flex (version 2). I don't know whether any new version of the book that covers new Flex 3 will come out soon, but I am not so sure that, from Java programming/integration perspective, how much this really matters?

So, I really appreciate your input regarding all these.

2/12/10 7:39 AM # Posted By BillT

Thanks for advice. You’ve convienced me that it is worth buying. As for me, I’ve never bought such books before. I usually find them at rapidshare SE .