From San Francisco to San Jose

After a fun filled weekend in San Francisco, a nice afternoon snack in Half Moon Bay, I am fully checked into my hotel in San Jose for the 360Flex conference.

San Francisco ranks as one of the top cities I could live in. After leaving New Jersey after interminable months of cold weather, I must confess to being more at home in ~70 degree temps. I am from Florida after all.

Biorhythmically on East Coast time, I popped out of bed at a very early 6AM and went on a long foot tour of San Francisco. After 12 miles on foot, I feel like a truck gently ran me over. I am resting now and hoping the pain in my legs and calves goes away.

I realized about 7 minutes after I got here, I should have brought warm weather clothes. I definitely didn't need my winter jacket nor my gloves. Coulda packed a swimsuit also.

The conference starts in the morning and I am very happy to be here in San Jose. If you are at the conference, stop by and say Hi. I am currently in the Extended Stay hotel in room 228.

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