JSEclipse is so much fun

I was digging through a bunch of javascript code today and trying to trace out some variables. In JSEclipse, an eclipse plugin made by Interakt(newly in the Adobe fold), if you highlight a variable name, or a property name, it not only highlights all instances in the file, it also places little markers for each instance on the right hand gutter of the IDE. A quick mouse click jumps right to the instance. I've used JSEclipse for a little while now, but this was the first I noticed this handy feature.

This particular JS file was well over 700 lines and I needed all the help I can get. Thank you Interakt for JSEclipse.

There are plenty of other nice features in the JSEclipse plugin such as:

  1. Contextual code completion
  2. Suggest parameters to be filled
  3. Reads all classes in current project
  4. Scan current file for words
  5. Syntax Highlighting
  6. Syntax based code folding
  7. Error reporting
Get a full feature list here.

You can get JSEclipse here. (Registration Required).

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