Tuesday Joke: Honda Customized Wing

As I went to grab my lunch, Chinese Takeout, I couldn't help but notice this awesome customized Honda sitting in the parking lot. Anyone want to bet this car belongs to a single man?

I am a bit fan of Do It Yourself, but this is a multi-stage mistake. During any part of the process, from wood selection, to bolting it on to painting it a fetching silver after bolting it on, this guy could have changed his mind.

Here's to you Silver Wooden Honda Wing guy for not caring what the world thinks!

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12/7/07 10:52 PM # Posted By Dan Wilson

Wow, that car: http://www.oldwoodies.com/img/weird/83nissan_taj-j...
is absolutely terrible!!!

Thanks for sharing..


12/11/07 5:40 AM # Posted By SadPanda

This guy is really sad.

1/9/08 9:05 PM # Posted By Pirlo

In my opinion the custom job is different and funny. Which is more than I can say about the boring, predictable idiots that have posted here.

"It's not shiny, and, like, not new, and stuff, uhh and huhh, it's like stupid!! He shudda painted it better, and it's just cuz he s stupid"