Great use of CFGrid and CF8 at

One of my good friends, Rama Marupilla, showed me a recent project where he used CFGrid to make a searchable, filterable restaurant locater. Have a look at

This page is a great illustration about how the power of ColdFusion 8, in the hands of a great developer, can enable powerful and relevant functionality.

Great Job Rama, thanks for sharing!

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12/27/07 10:35 PM # Posted By ziggy

~500KB worth of scripts and related css shows why it is a terrible solution, I think.

I like ext, but that is too much code and far too many http calls for different files. You could probably do that in jquery with a plugin for well under 100kb, all in one call.

As an aside, the one annoying missing thing about that script is how it doesn't cache the current page set, so if you go back it has to reload it. Would be a nice addition.

1/2/08 8:09 AM # Posted By James Allen

Good point Ziggy, but is 500kb really that much of an overhead in the days of Broadband Internet connections and the inherent compressability of text...

I'd say it's acceptable when you consider how well integrated these functions are in CF8..