Welcome to the Model-Glue Cookbook

Model-Glue is a very powerful and robust ColdFusion Framework. When solving application problems with Model-Glue there are recurring solutions that work well for particular problems. Up until now, one would have to troll the various blogs hoping the right keywords unlocked google to reveal a proper solution. While effective, this method is also time consuming.

Todd Sharp has developed and released the Model-Glue cookbook. Following the common cookbook format, this timely and relevant application will hold collective wisdom on how to use the Model-Glue framework for fun and profit.

If you want to learn more about Model-Glue, please check the Model-Glue cookbook for interesting tips and solutions for everyday programming. It even has an RSS feed for you!

If you are a Model-Glue expert, or you have found some interesting solutions with Model-Glue, share them with the simple Entry Form. Adding an entry to the Model-Glue Cookbook is easier than blogging and you get full credit.

I admire Todd Sharp. He is an effective community leader, generous with his time and efforts. I mean, look at what he has done in just the last 3 months:

  • CFEmmys
  • Snip-a-thon contest
  • PPTUtils Project
  • cfsnippets.org
  • Model-Glue Cookbook

Todd gets my vote for Most Deserving of Adobe Community Expert Status

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1/29/08 9:51 AM # Posted By todd sharp

Hey Dan, thanks a million for the post and the kind words. The day you posted this your blog was temporarily down when I tried to read the post and I hadn't read it until now. Thanks again man!

5/27/10 8:05 PM # Posted By David Henry

Quoth the server, 403 :(

7/12/10 9:35 AM # Posted By todd sharp

Yeah, the MG cookbook site is now dead. You're the first one who's noticed since it died 5 months ago.