Make awesome forms in Record Time

Have you heard about Uni-Form? Go look at it now. Isn't that a very nice, functional and compelling HTML form? It is also xHTML valid and accessible! Uni-Form is quite possibly the nicest looking form markup out there.

Matt Quackenbush, also Kalendar Team Member, developed and released a set of custom tags that produce the Uni-Form structure. Build awesome, functional forms fast!

Thanks for your work Matt! My forms, and my fingers Thank You.

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12/16/07 3:26 PM # Posted By Jim Priest

And it looks like he's using jQuery behind the scenes. Very nice!

12/16/07 3:57 PM # Posted By Matt Quackenbush

@Dan - You're welcome! I fell in love with the Uni-Form markup the instant I saw it, I just needed it to be even more friendly for CFers. Glad you find the tags useful.

@Jim - The demo form indeed has jQuery behind the scenes, but I should point out that I simply included the scripts from the Uni-Form demo page. In other words, I didn't write the jQuery stuff - just plugged it in.

12/16/07 4:52 PM # Posted By todd sharp

Dude I LOVE Uni-Form. I'm using it on my latest project and it's super simple to create a nice looking form with them! I'll have to check out the custom tag lib at some point...

12/17/07 12:26 AM # Posted By Matt Quackenbush

If you downloaded the zip already, I forgot a piece to make IE6 happy. You can either re-download it, or view the update post (link below).

7/20/08 4:21 AM # Posted By cool

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