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Good Laugh This Morning

I read through the comments on Ben Forta's blog about CF and Exchange Integration. I spit coffee on my keyboard when I read this little series:

I have seen people with PHP make it work? Couldn't we just apply whatever concepts they use and translate it to coldfusion?
# Posted By Scott | 4/2/07 9:18 AM

you mean do it the hard way? Nah, wait until you see what we've been cooking up! ;-)
--- Ben
# Posted By Ben Forta | 4/2/07 2:26 PM

Having problems with laying out tables?

When laying out fixed width tables you might notice Firefox and Internet Explorer do not agree even when you specify a fixed with for each column. This can cause havoc when creating cross browser pixel perfect reports. The good news is, it is easily remedied.


Bob Tierney speaks to the NYFlex group

Bob Tierney spoke to the NYFlex user group about Flex Data Services and Moxie. Bob, along with Kevin Hoyt is a Senior Product Managers for Flex and he came with some interesting and new information. As you know, plans for Flex 3, code named Moxie, are in full swing. Additionally, Flex Data Services is undergoing some significant changes, not the least of which is the name. Flex Data Services will be rebranded to LiveCycle DataServices. This shift will bring FDS into the fold and bring new functionality to the application.

LiveCycle DataServices version 2.5 is now in Release Candidate 2. The new product has the following new features:


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Payment Gateways

I am in the market for an online payment processor. Thus far, I've narrowed it down to two options, PayPal and Google Checkout.

This is for a small project I've been working on. I don't expect a ton of revenue and would prefer a solution that doesn't need to be monitored nor babysat.

It would be most helpful if the setup was as simple as possible because this is a small project and if processing payments means a few weeks work, the project becomes fairly useless.

Scott Pinkston has a project on RIAForge for Google Checkout. Has anyone used this cfc? Are there other resources out there for integration? Am I missing another good service? Have YOU had a good experience with a simple payment processor?

All advice is appreciated.

Amazon Wishlists and Flex books

I heard on the latest The Flex Show Podcast that Adobe will purchase and send any Flex books on Amazon wishlists. I just loaded up my wishlist with all the Flex books I don't currently have.

My Wish List

Any books I get I will review on this blog. Also, if I missed any Flex books, please let me know so I can add them.

Thanks in advance Adobe!

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Is Eclipse Slow for you?

Over the course of the last few months, my Eclipse has become very slow to open. From what I noticed, it was the FlexBuilder plugin pieces causing the delay. Fortunately, it turned out to be my fault.


Pulling documents out of nested folders

As part of some consulting work, I had to extract documents out of a large zip file. The zip file contained thousands of documents and EACH individual document resided in a directory structure nested 6 to 11 other directories deep. Doing this by hand would be tedious and boring.

Also, the individual files were named with punctuation, spaces and other annoying bits. I wanted to clean those up as well.

I spent a few minutes hacking together a ColdFusion script to do the work for me.


Thank you Apple!

The Leopard release of OSX has been officially delayed another 6 months. There is plenty of speculation and hypothesizing all over the internet. Frankly, I am relieved.

If you remember a recent post, I was on the fence about upgrading my old mac to a new PowerBook. I now have 6 more months before the purchase is compelling.

I don't fault Apple for delaying Leopard. I am sure they have their reasons, one of which might be the competition in the touchscreen-cellular space.

P.S. Apple lists Quality Control as the reason for the delay. Kudos to them insisting on a high quality release, in place of the popular Release+Patch method.

I can't wait to get these games:

I was reading an article on Worst Games Ever. Here are some quotes that had me laughing:

The gameplay is almost as deep and engaging as flipping from one option to the next on a DVD menu...

It would take all of history's greatest geniuses working in unison with history's greatest untreated sewage to come up with uglier graphics.

Have you ever stepped on a nail during a seminar about trends in hydraulic pump insurance? If so, then keep doing it. It's more fun than this electronic wasteland.

Also, AIRCARS don't have brakes, so once you start accelerating, your only chance of survival is quickly putting in a different game. A typical AIRCARS adventure is you careening out of control through trees and waiting for your clumsy rolling bathtub to explode.

Good medicine for a cold rainy Sunday.