Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain

My personal BS meter went off the charts when I read the following:

( source: BBC )

The US Federal Emergency Management Administration has apologised for having its employees pose as reporters at a hastily arranged news conference.

No actual reporters were able to attend Fema's televised briefing on the fires in California on Tuesday because they were only been given 15 minutes notice.

Instead, press officers asked questions many described as soft and gratuitous.

Fema employees posed as reporters at Tuesday's "news briefing" with Deputy Administrator Harvey Johnson because an agency was providing a live video feed to US TV networks, according to the Washington Post.

Six questions were posed by the Fema officials and Mr Johnson even used the typical practice of calling for a "last question".

While the press conference was for a briefing on the status of wildfire fighting in California and not a vital National Security Matter, I take no comfort.

I really don't know the quality or quantity of lies I am spoon fed daily. Catching officials red handed is embarrassing to the administration and embarrassing to the American Public. I expect more from my elected officials and appointed bureaucrats.

Aren't we overdue for a revolution?

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