What tools do use to design websites?

Being part of the Kalendar UI Design team was a very enlightening process. One of the things I learned is that some people are truly gifted. Another thing I learned is that Designers are very particular about their choice of tool. Another thing is Designers do not often agree on which tool is the best. Upon reflection, none of this is surprising.

It has awoken a desire to be more proficient in Design tools. I have previously used Fireworks and Photoshop to modify images. I have played with filters drop shadows, layers and the like with mixed results. I have also lost my temper trying to make simple graphics. Thus, I am a confessed n00b.

Mainly, my work is for the web. Thus, I want to learn a tool that creates web based layouts quickly. If you have experience with creating and working with web ready assets, I would like your opinion. Which tool do you recommend for making web layouts? Why do you prefer that tool?

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