Haiku For Today

Blood Pain Agony,
At Last Mountain Bike Ride Done,
Am Glad For Helmet

This was my first time on the bike in 3 years. Man, I know I can do better next time.

Drinks in DC April 8th

April is a nice time to hang out and be friendly. I'm going to be in Washington DC the evening of April 8th for business and want to coordinate a meetup at Brickskeller. We'd meet from about 7:30 - 10:00, not too late, since it is a school night!

If you are interested in coming, either leave a comment or use the contact form on this blog to let me know and I'll put you on the list.

The Brickskeller Dining House
& Down Home Saloon

1523 22nd St NW
Washington, DC 20037 brickskeller@aol.com
Award winning beer selection!

Beowulf in 3D

Shannon and I watched Beowulf in 3D at the local Raleigh Imax theatre. I henceforth proclaim (Using Beowulf Accent) that all movies shall be in 3D.

I have no idea what Beowulf would look like on a conventional movie theater screen. I can only imagine it to be dull and lifeless compared to the visually stimulating and realistic portrayal watched by us.


Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain

My personal BS meter went off the charts when I read the following:

( source: BBC )

The US Federal Emergency Management Administration has apologised for having its employees pose as reporters at a hastily arranged news conference.

No actual reporters were able to attend Fema's televised briefing on the fires in California on Tuesday because they were only been given 15 minutes notice.

Instead, press officers asked questions many described as soft and gratuitous.

Fema employees posed as reporters at Tuesday's "news briefing" with Deputy Administrator Harvey Johnson because an agency was providing a live video feed to US TV networks, according to the Washington Post.

Six questions were posed by the Fema officials and Mr Johnson even used the typical practice of calling for a "last question".

While the press conference was for a briefing on the status of wildfire fighting in California and not a vital National Security Matter, I take no comfort.

I really don't know the quality or quantity of lies I am spoon fed daily. Catching officials red handed is embarrassing to the administration and embarrassing to the American Public. I expect more from my elected officials and appointed bureaucrats.

Aren't we overdue for a revolution?

If Johnny jumped off of a bridge, would you?

American children are familiar with the phrase, "If Johnny jumped off a bridge, would you?" since parents use this retort after the child says, "But Johnny does it...". On October 20th, Shannon and I were 2 of 150,000 people that watched jumpers jump off the Western Hemisphere's longest single steel arch bridge. (Pictures below the fold)


My 1 Year Blog Anniversary

I just noticed that I've been blogging for exactly one year.

General Stats
Total Number of Entries: 144
Posts Over Last 30 Days: 12
Average Posts Per Day (Last 30 Days): 0.40
First Entry: 09/16/06
Last Entry: 09/17/07
You have been blogging for: 365 days
Total Comments: 371
Average Comments Per Entry: 2.58
Total Views: 132716
Total Subscribers: 3

Maybe by next year, i'll have posted my About Me page....

CFTopper comes to America

Every once in a while I cruise over to the personal blog of Peter Coppinger, an Irish ColdFusion developer. Peter often writes humorously entertaining bits and I recently stumbled upon his most recent visit to the U.S. Make sure to read "Things I Learned in American (this time)" towards the bottom of the post.

Peter also writes about technology issues at his tech blog.

CFTopper, i owe you a beer for the laughs.....

The Most Fun You Can Possibly Have Without A Computer

Check this out:

This is a photo of me several feet above the water flying on a large tube. Pulled with a strong boat at 25 to 35 miles per hour, the tube will fly above the water. Since there is no wing or rudder, a proper flight depends on keeping relaxed and centered. I became uncentered once or twice only to be violently slammed into the water, adding to the fun.

Surprisingly, these flying tubes were pulled from the market due to severe injury and death resulting from improper usage. In my experience, a little common sense goes a long way towards safety so if anyone knows where to get one, please let me know.

My Hole in One caught on tape

My very first Disc Golf hole in one recorded for your viewing pleasure.

Upload Video - Top 50 - Get Video Code

Residents of the Commonwealth of Virginia, beware!

Man, am I glad I am not a resident of Virginia. Those who are should be mindful of a new law put into effect July 1st, the date new laws go into effect in the Commonwealth. Commonwealth, defined as "government based on the common consent of the people", took on on a spurious new meaning July 1st in House Bill 3202 with the addition of Civil Remediation Fees. What is a Civil Remediation Fee, you ask? Allow me to present two scenarios: