CFMeeup Presentation on Intermediate ColdSpring - Remote CFCs

Tomorrow Oct 16th, Tom Chiverton will present Intermediate ColdSpring - Remote CFCs to the online ColdFusion Meetup at 2 PM Est. Many people enjoyed my ColdSpring presentation and expressed interest in learning more about ColdSpring. Your wishes have been granted.

As the trend in development grows to include more SOA and/or Rich Client applications, we all seek to leverage our current codebases efficiently to deliver maximum value for our business units and customers. Using the ColdSpring framework to expose services is one key tool in the tool chest and should be a part of all advanced developers skillset. Tom's presentation tomorrow will hit several key areas and also provide a good base for those who want a more in-depth knowledge of ColdSpring and who also want to add Remote Access to their applications. Here is the published description from the man himself:

When exposing ColdSpring beans as remote (web, AJAX, AMF etc.) services there are several common problems that need to be solved. In this presentation, we'll discuss some of the problems and the ways ColdSpring can address these.

We will use a RemoteFactoryBean to generate a remote façade automatically, and then see how Pointcuts can automatically apply Before and Around Advice to this façade. We will see how these two powerful techniques simplify development and maintenance, by showing practical examples of both types of Advice.

If you are using ColdSpring already for Dependancy Injection, these techniques are a next step.

Tom Chiverton is an active blogger and has been a vocal contributor on several mailing lists. (He is also known for his rotating email signatures :) ) It is clear he knows his stuff. Be there tomorrow at 2PM EST, or Be Square!

Great use of CFGrid and CF8 at

One of my good friends, Rama Marupilla, showed me a recent project where he used CFGrid to make a searchable, filterable restaurant locater. Have a look at

This page is a great illustration about how the power of ColdFusion 8, in the hands of a great developer, can enable powerful and relevant functionality.

Great Job Rama, thanks for sharing!

Silverlight ups the Ante - Flex still rules

On October 24th, Rob Zelt presented Silverlight to the Raleigh Durham Adobe User Group. I blogged about this on and promised to keep an open mind.

Silverlight is an impressive piece of technology in its own right. I was impressed by a number of features in the technology. A number of misconceptions I held were dispelled and I throughly enjoyed the presentation.