Automate Your Work. Do More With Less. Go Home Earlier. Jim Priest @ TACFUG Tonight

Do you dread testing your applications? Do you get bored typing 'asdasd' in the First Name field of your forms? Have you ever accidentally forgot to test functionality in your application only to have it all go down in flames when you launch to production?

While that has never happened to me, (looks around shifty), there are ways to reduce testing effort while gaining test coverage through automation.

The Triangle's own Jim Priest will give a talk tonight about Selenium. You need to be there.

As an added bonus, Jim will also give an encore presentation on ANT.

RSVP for the meeting at

Meeting Details:
Location: Pstrat /
Time: 6:30pm
Food: Pizza / drinks

TACFUG and RDAUG are also looking for a new meeting spot. If you have meeting space available in the RTP area, please let us know.

TACFUG Meets Tuesday November 6th - Jim Priest On Selenium and ANT

Tuesday November 6th, Jim Priest will present on Selenium IDE and ANT. I am a big fan of both of these tools for Rapid Development. I was out of town when Jim gave his initial ANT presentation so I am pleased he is giving an encore.

Selenium is a framework for testing web based UI. ANT is a framework for scripting and automation. Both are very easy to learn and extremely powerful. Proper use of Selenium and ANT will increase the quality of your production software, reduce repetitive work and save you time. You need to have these tools in your tool chest.

The meeting starts at 6:30 PM, details are at the TACFUG Website. You may RSVP here.

BTW, If you do not know Selenium, watch this 3 minute clip.

Frustrated with MXNA? Get your news as it happens!

This morning MXNA was down once again. Thinking the error was on the specific blog I was on, I contacted the owner. After a few more minutes, I realized it wasn't the bloggers site, but MXNA.

I am a little slow getting started this morning, so it didn't dawn on me to blame MXNA first. Jim, I am sorry for the confusion.

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Less than 36 hours remaining in the Kalendar UI Design Contest

For the PhotoShop cowboys out there, submit your design in the next 36 hours for a shot at a Brand-Spanking-New Retail-Price-Of-1300$ ColdFusion 8 Standard License.

More contest details are here.

Attention RTP Dwellers - TACFUG Meets tonight

The Triangle Area ColdFusion Users Group meets tonight. You have RSVP'd already haven't you?

This meeting is a casual get-together. We will go over a few future topics we have lined up, our continued direction, etc.. And any questions YOU might have.. What do you want to see covered in topics... basic, intermediate, or advanced topics.. how should we split them up....

So have your voice heard!

Reminder: Entries for the Kalendar UI Design Contest are due 11:59:59PM on Friday Oct 12th

Get your entries in today! Remember, the winner gets their name plastered on blogs and takes home a copy of CF8 Standard Edition!


New CF9 Logo?

The illustrious Charlie "CJ" Griefer has found some interesting CF9 artwork. Will this be cover art for the next ColdFusion release?

Every time I look at that Ben-Taur image I laugh.....

ColdFusion 9 Centaur

Sarge just posted that ColdFusion 9 will be called Centaur. Apparently this is late breaking news, and details are still to come, but......


Super Awesome Centaur Image courtesy of IT Premium

Digg Kalendar Design Contest - 2 weeks remaining

The Kalender team is hard at work making sure the upcoming release of Kalendar is the best yet. Meanwhile, the Kalendar Design Contest has 2 weeks remaining.

Are you a talented designer? Compete and win a copy of ColdFusion 8 Standard for your top design!

Are you a mediocre designer, compete anyways! It is much better than watching re-runs of Hee Haw on TV

Are you a crappy designer (like me) with a Digg account? Digg the Contest Announcement

See, everyone can play along!

Win a Copy of ColdFusion 8

Is your code Thread Safe? How do you know?

Code that is not Thread Safe is sneaky, dangerous and leads to bewildering production errors and strange side effects.

As part of my deployment procedure, I run code through an automated code analyzer for improperly scoped variables. Today, while running the analyzer, it flagged this set of code:

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1<cfset var ExistingRiskValuesList = "" />    
2<cfset ExistingRiskValueList = valuelist( RiskAssessmentQuery.TotalLeaseRisk ) >

"Wait just a minute", I said, "There is nothing wrong with that bit of code". Upon closer inspection I noted the 's' and quickly made the correction. Had I not used the automated code analyzer, this Thread-Unsafe code would have went into production.

There are many good posts about var scoping your variables, should you need more convincing. Mike Schierberl actually made and posted a video showing a memory leak in action caused by code that is not thread safe and Mike also gives away the automated code analyzer. If you haven't yet, I challenge you to download it and run it against some code. You might be surprised!

Update: Mike Schieberl and Zac Spitzer have made some improvements to the Var Scoper tool. The tool parses cfscript and is now hosted on . Thanks Mike and Zac for the fine work on one of the most important code checking tools out there!