Linux gaining on Apple - Current Visitors By Operating System

I happened to be researching which platforms visit my web properties. I found some unexpected trends and thought some of you might be interested.

First, the obvious. Windows (the much maligned operating system) is firmly in 1st place with 85% of traffic.

In second place, Apple, with 7.4%. Then Linux in third, with 6.44%

Linux trails Apple by less than 1%?!?!

By mindshare and mouthshare, I would have thought Apple would command a much larger lead. Especially since I write almost exclusively on technology topics.

What trends are you seeing on YOUR web properties?

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7/19/10 9:47 AM # Posted By Jose Galdamez

What's a Macintosh?

7/19/10 9:59 AM # Posted By Dan Wilson


According to Wikipedia ( ) a Macintosh is a series of several lines of personal computers designed, developed, and marketed by Apple Inc.

It's also how google analytics (which is where the table in the image above came from ) reports on the entire Apple computer operating system line.


7/19/10 10:22 AM # Posted By Dan Skaggs

I just looked at the GA stats for my blog for the last month. The gap in my numbers is much more pronounced:

Windows: 55.16%
Macintosh: 38.12%
Linux: 5.38%
iPad: 0.67%
Android: 0.45%
iPhone: 0.22%

7/20/10 9:51 AM # Posted By Aaron West

I posted some of my stats on my blog.

7/20/10 12:55 PM # Posted By Todd Rafferty

Windows: 76.12%
Mac: 12.20%
Linux: 7.06%
Android: 2.70%
iPhone: 1.16%
Blackberry: 0.39%
(not set): 0.26%
Playstation 3: 0.13% <--- o_O

7/21/10 10:46 AM # Posted By David Henry

Linux +1!

1/24/11 11:15 PM # Posted By Gunbilegt Byambadorj

It's because your site is for tech people. If it was flirt site you might not even see 'em.

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