Adobe Max Sessions Filling Up Fast!

I registered for Adobe Max a few weeks ago but never actually put my session schedule together. I'm not the biggest fan of the way Max handles it's sessions. Most of the conferences I go to do not have badge nazi's at the door banning anyone without prior registration, Max does. While I can understand logistical circumstances, I still don't like it. So, after a reminder from the blogosphere I logged in today to schedule my sessions.

Max, for me, is all about the hands-on stuff. I don't mind paying the price especially knowing I'm going to get hands-on training. Matter of fact, I sell professional training and when compared with my bill rates Max is a bargain :) !

So, if you haven't registered for Max, hurry up. If you've registered and not scheduled your sessions, you REALLY need to hurry up. I'm attaching my Max schedule to this article in case you want to see where I'm spending my time.

See you @ Max!


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9/23/09 1:21 PM # Posted By Garrett Johnson

Hey man, I just found out I will be attending this year as well, Is anyone else from NC heading up there?

9/24/09 5:23 AM # Posted By Ryan Stewart

Wait, I don't see your schedule. Where is it?


9/24/09 6:41 AM # Posted By Dan Wilson

@Garrett, I'm not 100% sure who is coming from the NC area just yet. I trust you still have my business card from CFUnited? Feel free to contact me when you get into LA.

@Ryan, The schedule was linked to the 'download' link on the blog, but I realize that wasn't very obvious, so I linked it in the post as well. You can straight download it here:

See you there guys!