ColdFusion Conference Coming To Raleigh-Durham North Carolina

Ha, made you look!

Seriously, Jim Priest and I have been kicking around the idea of hosting a 1 day ColdFusion conference in the Triangle area. We've had good support from the Universities in the area about lending us some space as well as good response from other sponsors. What we want to know is how many attendees we could realistically get.

So figure a 1 day conference with 6 sessions and a lunch. All this for 50$. Would you come? Please answer why or why not in the comments below. Anonymous answers are ok. We just wanna know the word on the street.

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4/29/09 2:23 AM # Posted By nick sollecito

Why yes, yes I would.

4/29/09 2:42 AM # Posted By Mike

Depends on the topics but more than likely yes.

4/29/09 2:43 AM # Posted By David Henry

I would definitely attend. Travel to other CF conferences is expensive and inconvenient but this would be right in my back yard! At $50 how could I say no??

4/29/09 2:54 AM # Posted By Doug Hughes

I'd support this beast.

4/29/09 3:22 AM # Posted By Roger Austin

I would probably go depending on the timing, etc. I imagine that
a number of RTI folks would also be interested. Want me to send
our crew the the link to this form?

4/29/09 4:45 AM # Posted By Bill Swanson

I would attend depending on my travel schedule. It sounds like something that would would be worth the time and modest cost.

4/29/09 5:58 AM # Posted By Byron Raines

I'd be all for it.

4/29/09 6:07 AM # Posted By Bob Silverberg

I'd make every effort to attend. It would mostly depend on timing. Given enough notice I'm sure I could swing it.

4/29/09 5:18 PM # Posted By Henry Rogers

Sounds fun.

4/29/09 5:41 PM # Posted By Matt Williams

I and possibly a couple others from Charlotte may come over.

4/29/09 6:14 PM # Posted By Alex

I'm interested.

4/29/09 6:17 PM # Posted By Aaron

depends on the topics

4/29/09 6:29 PM # Posted By Garrett Johnson

Sounds like a grand idea! Just tell Charlotte when!

4/29/09 6:32 PM # Posted By Keith


4/29/09 7:05 PM # Posted By John Hodorowicz

I'm down for a day long TACFUG meeting...

4/29/09 7:07 PM # Posted By Chad Stinner

Sounds like a great idea. If you guys can get the right people to come from NC State (OIT, etc) and show them exactly what ColdFusion can do... you might hit gold.

4/29/09 7:10 PM # Posted By Qasim Rasheed

I'll support this effort.

4/29/09 7:40 PM # Posted By Scott Stewart

I'd be completely behind something like this..

4/29/09 7:46 PM # Posted By Bret

Yeah I'd be there.

4/29/09 8:09 PM # Posted By Randy Johnson

I will / would be there.

4/29/09 9:04 PM # Posted By Torraine Williams

I am all for it.
$50 is reasonable.
And I can't complain about the location.

4/29/09 9:08 PM # Posted By Tramaine

I would come, and I'm pretty sure my company would pay for most of our dept at that price.

4/29/09 9:26 PM # Posted By Jeff

I'm in.

4/29/09 9:27 PM # Posted By Joe Brislin

It would depend on the topics but most likely yes. I would also likely bring 3 or 4 other developers on my staff.

4/29/09 9:50 PM # Posted By jason

Yes...I am in Charleston, SC, and I would make the drive for some cool CF Flex integration topics...

4/29/09 9:55 PM # Posted By Robert Owen

Absolutely, I'm in TN so it would be relatively close!

4/29/09 9:57 PM # Posted By Joe Rinehart

Sure, I'd be all about attending. Looking for speakers?

4/29/09 9:57 PM # Posted By anant pradhan

Yes, I would definitely like to attend. I'm sure it'd be pretty awesome!

4/29/09 10:14 PM # Posted By Liz

I'd be happy to help. When were you thinking of having the event?

4/29/09 11:23 PM # Posted By Peter Bell

I've been meaning to get down to NC, so I'd love to attend depending on when it was . . .

4/30/09 12:19 AM # Posted By Sean Schroeder

If you are interested, and you get enough people, we'd would welcome an opportunity to present Mura CMS, a free open-source CFML CMS. If so, just let me know.

4/30/09 12:44 AM # Posted By Glenn Waters

$50 is very reasonable BUT.. people who work for the state (including the Universities) have been put on a hard financial lockdown right now, so we couldn't even foot the bill for that. Would love to participate otherwise..

4/30/09 12:57 AM # Posted By Jim

Depending on the date I'd be in for sure. I don't mind a road trip. $50 is very reasonable.

4/30/09 1:05 AM # Posted By Garrett Johnson


Good time to use the furlough ?

I work for the State as well :-)


4/30/09 2:18 AM # Posted By Ken Wilson

We've got 20 in Winston-Salem that might be pursuaded depending on topics.

4/30/09 2:24 AM # Posted By Aaron West

Dan, I'd be willing to come to NC to present if you guys put this on. Just let me know if you are interested.

4/30/09 7:13 PM # Posted By Denny Springle

Count me in - let me know if you need any assistance with set-up or training. ;)

5/3/09 7:25 PM # Posted By Jeff Price

I'm in as a 1 + boss.

5/3/09 8:59 PM # Posted By Justin Gothier

I would love to attend the event. I have managed to make it to a few cons in the past but my work schedule usually prohibits myself or other co workers. If you go ahead with the con you can count in myself as well as 2 of my other developers. Thanks for bringing something like this to the triangle.

5/14/09 12:23 AM # Posted By Michael Brennan-White

I would be very interested in attending. Does Southwest fly there?

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