I Flunked the AIR Practice Exam

I'm going to soon be AIR 1.5 certified, though it is going to take a little longer than I thought. I took the free AIR based mock exam and scored 58%.

Definitely nothing to be proud of, yeah? The good news is the practice exam pointed out a few areas of study for me to focus on and I'll have it all nailed down shortly.

So I have a little more work to do, but I'll be AIR Certified soon! See how well you'd score!

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4/1/09 7:40 PM # Posted By TJ Downes

Hey Dan, good to see you prepping for your exam! Is there a separate AIR certification now? I was only aware of the Flex 3 certification, which seems to include AIR as well.

The test exam app is pretty nice, thanks for the link! My first attempt resulted in a 60%, which also shows me I have a bit of work to do. It's pretty sweet they break it down into categories showing your weak spots. I aprently need a lot more help in the AIR department and UI!

4/1/09 8:49 PM # Posted By Rich Rodecker

Haha, I flunked it too. I rocked most of the flex stuff, but ate it on most of the AIR details.

4/16/09 9:15 PM # Posted By David Henry

I fail too :'(