What can you code in 90 seconds?

I just finished reading an interesting blog post from Raghu, a flex evangelist at Adobe, and was left with the thought, what can I code in 90 seconds?

<CF_DayDream mode="begin" />

After daydreaming was over, I came to the realization that I can code nothing in 90 seconds. See, I am a terrible typist. Really really bad. So my 90 seconds would be filled with furious pressing of random keys, followed by several impolite words, then rapid jamming of the backspace key. Certainly nothing award worthy.

Thankfully, Raghu has more skills than I. He and Harish won an award for their 90 seconds worth of coding.

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2/16/09 2:03 PM # Posted By Peter Boughton

Universe = TinyMassiveLump.bang( Scale:'Big' )

I can do a hell of a lot in 90 seconds ... with the right compiler. ;)

2/18/09 3:35 AM # Posted By senocular

The compiler is only part of it. You also need a kick-butt runtime, a kick-butt framework, and a kick-butt code editor with some kick-butt code hinting/completion. Has Flex made it to this kick-butt status?