Sailing With A Bunch Of Geeks

We Sail In 1 Week!

I was greeted with this news when I woke up. Shannon and I are going on the inaugural RIA Adventure Caribbean Cruise and we are ready to go.

We've both been looking foward to white sandy beaches, water and sun for a while now and with only a week to go, are getting rather excited. We have a little pre-trip trip to the everglades to look forward to and expect to get a full dose of what Florida looked like many thousands of years ago, before the modern inventions of Steam Engine, Air Conditioning and Beach Front Condo.

I know a lot of other cruisers are getting into Miami and might be looking for something to do. We planned to go for a nice dinner on Sunday evening at an authentic Cuban restaurant. It looks like Aaron West is organizing so if you get into Miami in time for dinner on Sunday, head over to Aaron's Cruise Announcement and get on the list.

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2/1/09 8:07 PM # Posted By JOshua Cyr

My wife and I went on a guided tour a few years ago where they discussed the ecosystem. I really found it interesting. Shark Valley Tram Tours is what we took.

2/1/09 9:01 PM # Posted By Jim Priest

Sigh. Wish we could have gone on this one. Damn the kids and their need for straight teeth.

Dad and I used to go down and eat Cuben sandwiches and watch the seaplanes take off at Chalks... Good times...