ColdFusion License Key Invalid?

I'm having all my servers upgraded to ColdFusion 9. In the process we ran into a situation where a perfectly valid key was not accepted by the ColdFusion installer.

The serial number that you entered is invalid

After a little troubleshooting, Tim Geist at Viviotech (top notch hosts) found an Adobe KB on Invalid License Keys and Linux:

When installing ColdFusion 9 Standard onto a Linux operating system, you may encounter the issue where the installer does not accept the serial number. When you enter the number into the installer, you will receive a message similar to the following:

* The message 'The serial number that you entered is invalid' * A red cross will appear next to the Serial Number text field

The installer will not let you progress any further.

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Apparently, proceeding with the developer installation, then entering the license key in later fixes the issue. I'm sure this will be remedied in a future point release of ColdFusion.

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1/2/10 12:45 AM # Posted By Claude
3/18/10 11:12 AM # Posted By Rex

The problem is that when you upgrade from a Developer license, and you're using the JRun server, JRun will remain with a Developer License. Even if you upgrade the CF License, the JRun license stays in developer mode.