Dan's Latest Home Improment Project

I like doing Home Improvement projects in my spare time. I find the manual labor to be satisfying, especially during stressful coding stretches. I'm on a project that just launched a revamped eCommerce project and there was some stress, and of course, an accompanying Home Improvement project.

The area on the side of my house that holds my garbage cans and recycling bins is very shady, so shady that nothing grows over there. I kept it covered in mulch in the past, since that has a nicer look than just pure North Carolina clay, you know what I mean?

Last winter, I cooked up a plan to make a fieldstone pathway/patio for that side of the house and I just completed it.

Here is a before shot, taken after I dug out most of the pathway. :

Here is an after shot, taken after finished setting the fieldstones and completing the edging:

Like most Home Improvement projects I do, I got a nice excuse to buy some tools (Rubber Mallet, Mason's Chisel). I bet I could do the next similar project a faster and better but the important thing is the side yard area is much improved and I had a good time getting this project done.

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9/24/08 10:05 AM # Posted By Ben Nadel

Dan, looks great. You are quite the renaissance man.

9/24/08 10:12 AM # Posted By Tink

Yeah, good job ;)

9/24/08 11:45 AM # Posted By Doug Hughes

Dan, that looks fantastic!

9/24/08 12:38 PM # Posted By Dan Vega

In a life before programming (not to long ago) I was a landscaper which now seems like forever. I know the work that goes into something like this so congrats on a job well done.

9/24/08 12:44 PM # Posted By Alan McCollough

Sweet job, bro. I've spent the last year remodeling the interior of my home. I totally know where you're coming from with how it's a nice change of pace. There is something satisfying about working with building materials instead of code. You got quite a nice walkway there.

9/24/08 1:08 PM # Posted By Russ Johnson

Great Job! Something extremely satisfying about finishing a great looking project in the "real world" when we are so used to building things for the "virtual world" all day.

My brother is a contractor and spends less than 1 hour a month on the computer. Sometimes I envy his situation, working with his hands, being outside, stuff like that. Of course, that doesnt happen much in the summer here in Florida since I love me some air conditioning!!

I try to spend about 3-4 hours a week in my yard doing things like that. Weeding flower beds, cutting grass, etc., just to be outside and doing something worthwhile.

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