I'd Like To Meet You At CFUnited

I'll be at CFUnited 08 this week and am looking forward to seeing my buddies whom I only see a few times a year. I am also looking forward to meeting people whom I've only interacted with via Message Lists, blog comments and other anti-personnel means. Digital communications has been a boon for our civilization and for my career, but it is a little less than fulfilling for High-Extroverted personalities like me.

I'm friendly, wash behind my ears and am nice to animals. Here is a picture of me, if you see me at CFunited before I see you, come say Hi!

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6/16/08 10:46 AM # Posted By Joshua Cyr

See you there dan!

6/16/08 11:26 AM # Posted By J.J. Merrick

hahah nice to see my idea took off. Going to post my pic in a few minutes.


6/16/08 4:17 PM # Posted By Peter Bell

See you in DC!

6/16/08 8:24 PM # Posted By kimazoid

heh heh, cute pic dude

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