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Comment spam is annoying. Since I sit well below the A-List blogger rung, it isn't my biggest problem in the world. It is just annoying.

The super fine blogware I use has a feature for blocking IP addresses. Lately I have been updating this list with IPs from comment spammers. 90% of these IP addresses originate from China. I'm considering blocking the entire class A IP block for China. If you are a legit visitor who cares about what I write, leave me a comment and tell me how bad of an idea that is.

I'm willing to share my IP list with others. Here is the list as of May 28, 2008:


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5/28/08 7:52 AM # Posted By Scott Stroz

Here is my list, oddly enough, it seems more are from Turkey. I have not checked, but I imagine there are some repeats.

5/28/08 8:12 AM # Posted By todd sharp

Here is my list. Everyone has the first one ( because Ray ships BlogCFC with that IP blocked. Ask him why...

5/28/08 9:44 AM # Posted By James Moberg

Consider checking out You can have instant access to 22,479,130 IP addresses as well as the reasons that they are blocked. I have my own personal list, but it is too long to list here.

Also, most of these IPs are proxies on computers that have been exploited. It's very difficult to determine who manages the actual computer and getting in touch with anyone is almost impossible. I initially wasted my time trying to contact admins and now simply block POSTs from any identified IP addresses.

5/28/08 10:06 AM # Posted By duncan

"I'm considering blocking the entire class A IP block for China"

China, population: at least 1.3 billion, with internet usage rivalling or exceeding the USA, depending where you read

do you really want to block that much potential readers of your blog? It's a very big sledgehammer to crack a nut

5/28/08 10:27 AM # Posted By jax

You might want to give the SpamStop plug-in for blogCFC a try. I wrote that a while ago and works just fine ( makes use of project honeypot). Check

5/28/08 12:02 PM # Posted By charlie griefer

the sharing of the blocked ip addresses is a great idea. i once thought about throwing up a page where people could just add to a list (and wondered if blogCFC could be modded to pull from there as a web service).

i haven't been using blogcfc for long, so the only 2 i have (not including the "everybody gets" address) are:

here's the list from my old blog on

5/28/08 12:12 PM # Posted By charlie griefer

...and now that i've actually read the previous comments, looks like that concept of a shared spammer ip list has already been put in place via honeypot and jax's spamstop plugin.

i'll likely be looking into integrating the plugin over the next couple of days.

5/28/08 12:23 PM # Posted By Scott Stroz

I have goten some interesting spam. The best one by far was a code example, not relevant to the post at hand, where they tried to demonstarte parsing URLs or some such, and had URLs to teh syupid sites. I kept the comment, blocked teh IP and changed all teh URLs to

6/6/08 6:28 PM # Posted By dlminton

These are the most recent comment spammers (all over the map, thailand, japan, etc)
Current IP addresses being blocked

11/10/08 4:29 PM # Posted By sohbet

9/27/09 5:12 PM # Posted By Harold

Here goes the mine, but it's huuuuge (link above ^)

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