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This blog focuses on Technology issues, by and large. I do not make political statements, endorsements or other such posts, as much as I can help it. I am not endorsing any particular candidate or party with this posting either.

That said, Bob Barr was elected the Libertarian Candidate for President of the United States. I took a quick poke around his website to see what the fuss was about and came across this gem:

At the core of libertarianism is a trust in and respect for the personal choices of every individual. All Americans should be free to decide what is best for themselves and their families. At the same time, they must bear personal responsibility for the consequences of the decisions that they make, whether those decisions prove to be good or bad.

I could not agree more. On this Memorial Day, 2008, hearing those words brought a tear to my eye.....

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5/26/08 10:35 AM # Posted By Shannon

If you are not free to choose wrongly and irresponsibly, you are not free at all. – Jacob Hornberger (1995)

5/26/08 1:55 PM # Posted By Joe Rinehart

Great quote, Dan, from a politician with a good head on his shoulders. I've set aside today to read a good part of Ron Paul's "Revolution: A Manifesto." So far, I think I've had a few moments similar to yours, and would be happy to loan you the book when I'm done.


5/26/08 4:54 PM # Posted By Jeff Price

I'm very glad that the Libertarians chose to nominate a respectable candidate this year. I was very disappointed in Badnarik in '04 (who nominates a tax cheat? idjits!). Regardless, I'll be quietly spreading the word about Barr and hoping beyond hope that folks realize that if they keep voting for the same type of politicians they'll keep getting more of the same.

Every libertarian would benefit from learning about the Overton Window ( and how to moderate their positions into ones that are publicly acceptable. Of course, that's a bit off topic ;)

5/27/08 9:22 PM # Posted By Mike Rankin

It's good to see that he won the nomination. It would be great if the country took a serious look at him, especially the IT industry. He's a hawk on personal security and identity theft. Unfortunately, he was also a key figure in the Clinton impeachment proceedings which will get dredged up again if he makes a showing anywhere. Currently, he's my "non of the above" candidate of choice.

11/10/08 4:27 PM # Posted By sohbet

(who nominates a tax cheat? idjits!). thank

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