I Hate You Adobe Updater

I usually like Adobe Updater. It runs out of my way, has options to run in the background and generally is a polite little updater. Today, the Adobe Updater politely let me know it needed my attention. Apparently there were 120MB of updates needed to keep my Creative Suite in sync.

120MB is no joke. That is 1/8 of a GB. What I find curiously annoying is, Adobe updater downloaded updates for programs I don't even have installed. Lots of programs I don't have installed. Matter of fact, I only have Fireworks installed because thats really the only Adobe Creative Suite I have any competence in. So why Adobe Updater doesn't check to see which programs are installed is beyond my comprehension.

Adobe, when you read this, please consider only downloading updates for installed products.


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4/2/08 5:37 PM # Posted By Echo

I concur! Please fix this Adobe.

4/2/08 5:53 PM # Posted By Indy Nagpal

I dislike it as well... Just too irritating... I usually take my revenge by killing the process :)

4/2/08 6:22 PM # Posted By Tony Fendall

The updater drives me crazy! It downloads gigs and gigs of updates, and then doesn't delete them when it's done.

4/2/08 6:52 PM # Posted By aL

For me, Acrobat (inside of a Browser windows) seems to hang these days on first opening a PDF on a website. It seems to be related to Adobe Update, even though I've set all automatic update options to OFF!

4/3/08 12:41 AM # Posted By Daniel Roberts

@ aL, I've had that problem for the last five year.

I recommend FoxIt Reader and if you are on firefox, the pdf download extension.

4/3/08 12:55 PM # Posted By David BEtz

120MB? One morning a few weeks ago I was greeted by the announcement that Updater needed to download 450MB. Good thing I had a meeting to go to -- it took over an hour to download and install.

9/8/08 6:27 PM # Posted By Paul
5/11/10 2:27 AM # Posted By yandos

arrrg amen to that, I hate this updater. I acutally just googled "I HATE ADOBE UPDATER" and it was so funny to see millions more that hate it :)

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