TransferORM gets closer to 1.0 release

The word on the street is Transfer 1.0 will be in release candidate status at CF.Objective 2008. I've actually overheard that the Transfer code in SVN ( ) is complete and ready for the 1.0 release, all that remains is documentation. Mark Mandel has been quite specific that the 1.0 release will be properly documented. It appears as if he has been quite busy. I just stumbled upon the new Transfer documentation and MAN is it looking sweet!

The new format uses a new ColdFusion based Wiki product called CodexWiki. (I poked around for more information about CodexWiki and found this URL If anyone hears more about this, lemme know.)

This revision of the Transfer Documentation is nicely organized and more visually appealing than the previous Transfer Documentation. There was a lot of effort to document and advise on popular topics on the Transfer Mailing list such as:

  • Installation and Updating
  • Custom Methods
  • Persisting and Retrieving Objects
  • Primary Key Management
  • Handling Null Values
  • Using Lazy Loading
  • Writing Decorators
  • Using Clone()
  • Using the Transfer Event Model
  • Managing the Cache
  • Transactions and Transfer
  • Presentations
  • Tutorials
  • Example Code
All sections will surely be filled out by the release date.

Also documented was the Object Cache functionality, the Transfer CFC API and the most interesting of all, the ANTLR TQL Parser Java API. Now we can all figure out how TQL works!

Finally, at the bottom is a hot looking "Powered By Transfer" badge, a nice addition to any site making use of the TransferORM. With CF.Objective() right around the corner, expect more news and content before the release.

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4/14/08 8:52 PM # Posted By Chris Phillips

Ooooo. Shiny button! I would use transfer in a project just to have that button resting snug in the bottom right corner of it's pages...