Coldfusion Dzone Top Links For Last Week

ColdFusion has been on for a week. We've posted some very interesting articles for the community at large. Here are the top 5:

Title Author Votes (up/down) Traffic
How Do You Set Up Your Development Environment? Scott Stroz (Boyzoid) 10/3 Views: 1229, Clicks: 950
Some HOT Flex Skins for your Flex app Ralf Sczepan 9/0 Views: 780, Clicks: 489
Services DAOs and Functional-Organization Author: Paul Marcotte 7/0 Views: 689, Clicks: 373
What Tools Do ColdFusion Developers Use? Todd Sharp 11/0 Views: 358, Clicks: 133
Did you know that ColdFusion Arrays are Java Arrays? Adrian Moreno 9/0 Views: 301, Clicks: 100

Views: the total count of visitors that read the teaser on
Clicks: Traffic routed to the blog/website holding the article.

Scott Stroz can vouch for the 'dzone effect' on his post How Do You Set Up Your Development Environment?. Even though he wrote the article a little while back, his recent submission to dzone gave new exposure to a whole new crowd of developers. On his blog, it now shows 31 comments and a total of 2326 views.

Be sure and watch the new ColdFusion tagged links at If you like what you see, give it a vote. It is really easy and only takes a second.

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2/4/08 9:20 AM # Posted By Mike Henke

I might have missed a post on this subject, but how do people submit articles for the ColdFusion DZone area. I stumbled through the process but wasn't sure I went through the correct path.