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Before the end of 2007, I wanted to move closer towards my goal of being an Adobe Certified Expert and Adobe Community Expert, so I took the ColdFusion 7 Developer Exam. The exam tests expertise and competency of a ColdFusion Developer. Question topics range from Web Development to ColdFusion Product specific knowledge. The exam is 66 questions in multiple choice format.

Examinees who pass are awarded one of two titles dependent on score:

70% - 84% Certified ColdFusion MX 7 Developer
85% - 100% Certified Advanced ColdFusion MX 7 Developer

I make it a practice to be Certified. Being Certified shows you are serious about your craft. I was already certified in ColdFusion 4.5 and ColdFusion 5. It was time I made my bones on CF7.

The ColdFusion product is broad and wide. There are many features and I knew that simply studying the documentation would take a long time. To help target my studying, I purchased the CFMX Exam Buster 7.0 from CentraSoft. The Exam Buster is a program filled with 13 practice tests on a wide spectrum of information.

Personally, I liked taking the test blind, then reviewing the incorrect answers at the end. A URL to the exact section of the ColdFusion product documentation for each question is provided, should you want more information, or like me, Can't Believe You Got That One Wrong! My highest score on the practice tests was 87.

On testing day, I was ready. I focused well and made smart choices. My final score on the ColdFusion Certification Exam was 95%, enough to gain Adobe Certified Advanced ColdFusion MX 7 Developer status. Mission Accomplished!

One benefit of being Certified Advanced, is the ability to use the Advanced Developer logo. Another, is being listed on the Macromedia (Adobe) site. I can't seem to find the listing however. Does anyone happen to know where it is?

Macromedia will now award individuals who achieve a superior score on the exam with special status. If you receive a test score of 80% or better on your exam, you will receive Advanced ColdFusion MX Developer status. Certified Advanced ColdFusion MX Developers are entitled to use the Advanced ColdFusion MX Developer logo on business cards, letterheads, and Web sites. Also, they will be listed in a directory found on the Macromedia Web site.

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1/22/08 9:36 AM # Posted By Jim Priest

Congrats. I've got the book at home for 7 but am not thinking I might as well wait for 8? Where did you take the exam?

1/22/08 10:02 AM # Posted By Dan Wilson

Hey Jim,

I took it at the NC Elite Career Service Center located on: 132 Quade Dr, Cary, NC 27513.

The test took me about 20 minutes.


1/22/08 10:05 AM # Posted By Jeff Coughlin

Congratulations! It is not exactly a fun test :).

Unfortunately don't get your hopes up too much about getting listed on the Adobe site. They sometimes update it every few years when they feel like it, but in general its just a false claim they give people. Many people have complained about it over the years and Macromedia's repsonse (and now Adobe) is usually "We'll get right on it." Then of course, nothing comes of it.

The link where they list Advanced CF Developers was here (but appears to be down at the moment) I haven't checked it in a couple months... maybe my name is finally on there :) (its only been a couple years).

1/22/08 10:23 AM # Posted By Jim Priest

LOL - I remember I was stoked when I got listed for CF5 (I think) and then right after that Macromedia was bought by Adobe and the listing was gone :)

1/22/08 12:28 PM # Posted By Michael Markowski

Congrats on doing so well on the exam, that's quite an achievement. :) I too was considering taking the CF7 exam but decided against it when Adobe took down the list of Certified Developers. I asked Ben Forta about it at CFUNITED last year and he indicated that there were unspecified (and unresolved) legal issues with the list. I've had the CFMX7 Certified Developer's Guide for years; it serves me well as a quick reference on almost any ColdFusion topic. In fact, I've found some real gems of information in it that I never saw anywhere else (and yes I own the CF7 WACK and advanced WACK).


2/27/08 9:08 AM # Posted By Webmaster

Good job ! Congrats

The thing is that I was quite sure that you will do more than FINE, because this is something natural for us. We always think of it like we can not do it and that is why we do not have great expectations.

Kind regards,

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