Public Service Announcement - Firefox Caches Select Box State

Remember that the Firefox Browser caches the selected position on Select Boxes. I am not sure how to turn this feature off.

This means that if you select an option on a select box, and refresh, firefox will remember your select box index position. I've noticed the same behaviour on checkboxes and radio buttons, so be aware when debugging.

Heuristically speaking, I like the function, especially when filling out long involved forms. It is however, a complete pain in my MULE when I am debugging applications and can't figure out why the box isn't selected to the expected option.

Pressing CTRL+F5 redraws everything sans state.

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7/10/08 10:11 AM # Posted By mielpops

Man I was becoming completely crazy with my webpages dynamically generated by my embedded webserver. I completely missed the fact that it was a cache problem, it worked perfectly with IE7.

The autocomplete trick did the job perfectly, thanks for sharing this.

I admit it's a very convenient "feature" especially with long text fields, but it got me crazy.