On Dying Technologies - The Zune

What ever happened to the Zune MP3 player by Microsoft? I recall great mention of the Zune at the initial release, but precious little thereafter. There was even a man who got a tattoo of the Zune logo. Actually, he has two Zune themed tattoos. I find this inspirational, don't you? Apart from the lackluster performance of the Zune in the portable MP3 marketplace, the crumbling fan base and lack of interest from consumers as a whole, Mr Zune Tattoo breaks from the pack and permanently embosses the Insignia of dead technology on his arm. Twice.

I walk away from this entire experience with rekindled inspiration for the Ford Pinto Tattoo I've always wanted.

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12/14/07 8:56 AM # Posted By J.Mihai

Well in order to quote a phrase I really liked :

The expectations were for Microsoft to deliver a "Microsoft" player and system; maybe not too shabby looking, but not very usable, and definitely bug-ridden

I guess some of you already read the articles arround about this subject, but I particulary like this article : http://www.engadget.com/2006/11/15/zune-review/
I think it just expressed the opinion of a simple user. And that is important.

Thanks for the good info and the nice review, hoping to read more of your articles.