Huge time saver: Alias a directory as a drive letter

Using a quick command, you can alias a directory in MSWindows to a drive letter. This is extremely handy when you access a nested directory often, as web developers are prone to do.

the command to do this is simply:

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1SUBST [DriveLetter]: [FullDirectoryPath]
3Example: SUBST z: C:\httpd\Apache2\htdocs
Now, when I need to get to my htdocs folder, I simply hit WindowsKey+R then z: + enter. MUCH nicer than clicking through the paths and waiting an interminable amount of time for each directory to load...

I found this on LifeHacker. If you haven't looked at LifeHacker before, you should. I have their RSS feed as a libe bookmark in Firefox so I can quickly scroll through their entries without having to visit the site.

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