Blog CFC RSS error?

I just got back in from CfObjective ( A post on that later ) and found three errors in my inbox from my blog.

I NEVER get errors from my blog software, partly because Ray Camden runs his software projects really well and partly because no one reads my blog. So imagine my surprise when I found the following:

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1The cause of this output exception was that: coldfusion.tagext.sql.QueryParamTag$InvalidDataException: Invalid data 40B2E264-09A3-6658-8DEC7ABEC55E8D2E - 63k value exceeds MAXLENGTH setting 35

Let this be a lesson to those who don't use cfqueryparam. You can see the context of the error is that a 63k sized request came in where the software was expecting a 35 character string value. Cfqueryparam performed as expected and prevented the call.

Now why would I get a 63k request? I have no idea. Apparently, some request for my RSS feed was WAY overloaded. In place of the UUID in the request, 63k worth of junk came in. I wonder if an aggregator has gone wild?

Has anyone else seen this error in their blog?

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