ColdFusion Ajax Wizards for Eclipse?

Sometimes I read too fast. I remember reading a post on Scorpio by Sean Corfield. I just don't remember the part about the ColdFusion Ajax Wizards for Eclipse.

Here is the section of the post that caught my eye on the second reading:

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1Next up was what is proving to be my favorite: AJAX integration. Ben said that Scorpio's AJAX features fall broadly into three categories: making CFC invocation easy, controls & widgets, application wizards. The latter is an AJAX version of the Flex "super wizard" for Eclipse that can create a full AJAX data admin application directly from your RDS data source. Very impressive but, as with the Flex wizard, Windows only because it relies on the same visual query builder (that folks know and love from HomeSite).

I've used the Flex Wizards before. The wizards are very easy to use and will create non-trivial applications, from the server-side. Since they are the same wizards, I imagine throwing together an Ajax enabled application is going to be a piece of cake.

Apart from the mention on Sean Corfield's blog, I haven't seen or read any other news about this feature. If anyone has a link or some information, please post a comment.

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