Go John Corzine

I am no politico, please understand. I am writing about New Jersey Governor John Corzine who was recently involved in a high speed traffic accident.

The accident occurred when Mr. Corzine's driver, a New Jersey State Trooper. lost control of the State Owned SUV at 90 MPH. Mr. Corzine, seated in the front, was not wearing his seat belt and suffered terrible injury as would be expected in such a crash. Why am I blogging about this you may ask?

John Corzine has announced he will pay for his own medical bills resulting from the accident, rather than use the State Health Care benefits. Certainly his bills will be over the several hundred thousand dollar level and it is a very honest, responsible move for him to make. Choosing to pay out of his own pocket rather than push the costs on the State Health Care system, the same system that provides and pays for Health Care for Meter Readers, Sanitation workers and others is a very humane move. I, for one applaud his sense of personal responsibility. Still, that isn't what prompted me to write this post.

I read in the paper just today that John Corzine requested to be written a $48 dollar ticket for not wearing his seatbelt while in the front seat of a motor vehicle. He promptly received his ticket and paid it.

I know very little about his politics or his past accomplishments. I do know that few other politicians would have the backbone and the integrity to make these decisions. There were many, many ways of handling your circumstances Mr. Corzine, You chose the most honorable and my proverbial hat is off to you!

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