External Hard Drive Recommendation

The Western Digital WD5000C032 500 GB external hard drive gets a big thumbs up!

I purchased this drive a few months ago for backing up my laptops. I wanted a HUGE drive for less than $250 and this one fit the bill. I purchased it from Amazon.com and it arrived a few days later. When I opened the box I was impressed how nice the drive looks. Finished in a black enclosure and adorned with a single light in the front, the drive is attractive and very easy to use.

I recommend this drive because it is durable. Very Durable! I had this drive plugged into my computer and the disk was spinning away when I decided to clean off my desk. Like a moron, I picked the drive up by the USB cable to move it and it fell.

Did it fall on the nice, soft carpet? No. It fell 4 feet and hit the wooden baseboard, bounced into my wooden desk and hit the floor. I cringed as it bounced, and bounced again and was convinced the drive was ruined.

I made the promise to myself that if the drive still worked, I would write a post about it. The drive works fine, I actually have it plugged into my computer right now.

Please do not take this post as an open invite to bounce your own hard drive like a basketball. However, in the world of crappy and undependable computer parts, the Western Digital 'My Book' External Hard Drive series has my respect.

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4/23/08 3:16 PM # Posted By Asad

Please help... I have the same hard drive WD 500GB... the same thing happned, but it does not work any more, it make 4 loud noises every time u plug it in but then nothing???...the data was v.v.v important. any one know what i can do..

1/12/09 12:09 AM # Posted By Dick

You both should backup in multiple places, perhaps use an online solution like Mozy in addition to your hard drive backups. I backup to an external drive, but I also run my Mozy backup every night...just in case. Mozy is only 5 bucks a month for unlimited storage, and if you don't want Mozy, there are other good ones too. Think of how a corporation would do it...they always have off-site backups, so if your data is that important, you should do the same.