360 Flex - Seattle Edition

The next iteration of 360 Flex is coming in a few months. I saw the speaker/topic list was just posted and the sessions look incredible. If I go to another conference this year, I expect this to be it.

I am very interested in:

  • Custom Flex component development. - Doug McCune
  • Advanced Charting - Brendan Meutzner
  • How to create a theme - Juan Sanchez
  • Practical Patterns in Flex - Joe Berkovitz
  • Deep Linking in Flex Apps - Sim Bateman
  • Flex Framework nitty grity - Deepa Subramaniam
  • Memory Management for Flex/Apollo Developers - Jun Heider
  • Flex and Scorpio - Ben Forta
  • Building Stunning Flex Apps with Flex Builder and CS3 - George Comninos

IAll of the talks are very interesting so I am saving my nickels for plane fare...

Hope to see you all at 360 Flex : Seattle

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