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The price of First Class mail went up to 41 cents today. In comparison of the previous price of 39 cents, this is a meager 5% increase. I do not begrudge the Post Office their fees. The mail almost always is delivered promptly and accurately. I am happy to pay 2 cents more.

The part that annoys me is I currently hold ~80 .39 stamps which are no longer valid. Sure I can make another trip to the post office and get a roll of 2 cent stamps. Of course, I now have to keep track of 2 different sets of stamps and REMEMBER to put one of each on each envelope. The remembering is more than a two cent aggravation in my book.

My Dad always said "Boy, Never complain unless you have a solution". Lucky for me, I do have a solution!

From now on, the Post Office should EXCHANGE old stamps for new ones. It would still be the burden of the stampholder to pay the difference, but I would be perfectly happy to pay the difference. I would even be happy to pay a premium for the exchange. I just don't want to be bothered with the pain of having 39 cent stamps in a 41 cent world.

Whaddya say Postmaster General? Can I trade in the Old for the New?

Consider this post an online petition. If I get enough signatures below, I'll print it and send it to John E. Potter Post Master General

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5/19/09 8:19 PM # Posted By Joshua

Man does this topic hit me hard! I run a Mail Center at a University and we sell stamps to our students and constituents.
Over the past several years, the local stamp shoppe in the post office would allow us to exchange stamps because they appreciated
our business, especially when we purchased $3000 worth of stamps from them.

My assistant just goofed up and purchased a ton of the new Simpsons stamps, which NO ONE WANTS TO BUY. All of a sudden, the stamp
shoppe won't let us exchange. I guess they don't appreciate our business anymore. So now we're stuck with a cache of
Simpsons stamps.