Walking to the 360Flex conference.

I am walking over to the EBay Complex for the beginning of the 360Flex conference. I am not sure if WiFi is available during the conference. EBay is a fully functioning company after all, and as nice as they are, I would fully understand if they didn't want 400+ strangers on their network. We shall see.

There is a pretty active Twitter set here. I decided to reserve judgment on Twitter until I used it for a few days, but thanks to Twitter, I found out about the Pre-registration and the Pre-conference party. Very useful tool

I met some of the Conference attendees last night at a pre-conference bar session. A very nice group of folks. I got there late and I heard the group was up to 30 people at one point. I blame my tardiness on The Melting Pot. Amazing how long it takes to cook your own food ;).

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