Sometimes it is the obvious......

I spent several hours going over a new ModelGlue:Unity + Transfer set up and had an error that stumped me. For the life of me I couldn't get any scaffolds to work. ModelGlue and Transfer loaded up perfectly, Directly querying the database worked perfectly. All signs pointed to GO, except for the lack of any scaffolded events working.


Message Model-Glue: There is no known event handler for "skiresort.list".

Now, I've set this up several times so I was sure I misconfigured something. I checked every possible thing I could think of that could be holding this up and then started cfdumping the internals of the frameworks. Getting nowhere fast, I started complaining about it in the IRC channel and the second I started explaining it, the answer came to me. So for public humiliation and for posterity, here is the answer.

If you want to access the event-handlers generated by the scaffolding feature, the <scaffold /> tag in the modelglue.xml file MUST be contained in the <event-handlers /> tag.

This is Bad

view plain print about
1<scaffold object="skiresort" type="list,view,edit,commit,delete">
2    <results>
3        <result do="view.template" />
4    </results>        

This is Good

view plain print about
3<scaffold object="skiresort" type="list,view,edit,commit,delete">
4    <results>
5        <result do="view.template" />
6    </results>        

I shall hang my head in shame for the next 5 minutes....

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