Good, now I can buy more music

According to the BBC, Warner music is now making DRM-Free music tracks available on This makes me happy because I have put off purchasing a lot of music due to the DRM debacle.

Simply put, I don't want to be arbitrarily restricted in my usage of property I've bought and paid for. Imagine the response from Warner if I tried to dictate how they can spend money I paid to them?

"Warner, Purchase a new potted plant and place it in the corporate Headquarters. You will pick the dead leaves from aforementioned plant. You will not water it twice on even numbered days...."

So cheers to Warner. May you make more money as a result of your decision.

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12/28/07 1:10 PM # Posted By Jim Priest

My daughter got an MP3 player for the holidays and we hopped on Amazon. Overall a nice experience. My only complaint was the 'download client' was not available for Linux...

12/31/07 5:25 PM # Posted By Dana K

I had actually bought 2 tracks off the Walmart store awhile back. they weren't that bad quality wise and they did have DRM attached. What I found funny was the DRM seems to never attach, I never grabbed any licenses and I've moved them to other devices without ever being prompted or seeing traffic go out and check the license.