Fix for annoying Where is the Debugger or Profiler running? popup

Shannon Hicks, who is a wealth of Flex Knowledge, gave me the solution for this problem. Apparently, an earlier version of the Flash Debug player incorrectly assumed debugging mode.

The solution is to use an updated Flash Debug player. You can find a suitable version inside the installation for Flex Builder 3. Mine was located here:

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1C:\Program Files\Adobe\Flex Builder 3\Player\win

I am using Flex Builder 3 Beta 2 and it works. Later beta versions of Flex Builder include the correct version of Flash Player as well.

Thanks Shannon for helping me with this. It was DRIVING ME NUTS!

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4/24/08 1:25 PM # Posted By John

The problem can be avoided by clicking the terminate button — is this required instead of just closing the player? The IDE confusingly reports the debugging is terminated in both cases

9/12/08 11:47 AM # Posted By Mark Phillips

Super helpful! Thanks for posting this.