The Most Fun You Can Possibly Have Without A Computer

Check this out:

This is a photo of me several feet above the water flying on a large tube. Pulled with a strong boat at 25 to 35 miles per hour, the tube will fly above the water. Since there is no wing or rudder, a proper flight depends on keeping relaxed and centered. I became uncentered once or twice only to be violently slammed into the water, adding to the fun.

Surprisingly, these flying tubes were pulled from the market due to severe injury and death resulting from improper usage. In my experience, a little common sense goes a long way towards safety so if anyone knows where to get one, please let me know.

Nice post on The Model-Glue Event Lifecycle

ModelGlue Users and especially my MG series users, have a read on Doug Boude's Blog about the The Model-Glue Event Lifecycle.

Doug has a lot of other interesting Model Glue related content as well. Here are three of my favourites:

Model Glue Views Demystified

Basic Event Security in ModelGlue

Dynamic Data Stores a ModelGlue Case Study

On Dying Technologies - The Zune

What ever happened to the Zune MP3 player by Microsoft? I recall great mention of the Zune at the initial release, but precious little thereafter. There was even a man who got a tattoo of the Zune logo. Actually, he has two Zune themed tattoos. I find this inspirational, don't you? Apart from the lackluster performance of the Zune in the portable MP3 marketplace, the crumbling fan base and lack of interest from consumers as a whole, Mr Zune Tattoo breaks from the pack and permanently embosses the Insignia of dead technology on his arm. Twice.

I walk away from this entire experience with rekindled inspiration for the Ford Pinto Tattoo I've always wanted.

Some thoughts on OO and the Industrial Revolution

Object Oriented programming has come up again as a topic du jour and is quite possibly one of the more divisive topics in the ColdFusion world, apart from Framework religion of course.

Some may view OO as a smarter way to code. Some may view OO as a pain inflicted upon them by a Development Manager. Some may view OO as simply another elitist autocategorization. "Hey man, I am more 1337 than you. Even nOOb has OO in it, har har har. I have felt all of the above at one time or another.


So you want to use Transfer ORM in your ModelGlue:Unity application (Part 1)

Previously, we connected Transfer ORM into our ContactOMatic application. Now, we will use it to get some things done! The completed files for this exercise are included at the bottom of the post, just click on the 'Download' link.

Using Transfer with MG:U is quite different than hand coding all the data access instructions so I separated out the new Transfer enabled code from the old hand coded bits to help compare similar operations between the two styles. This means the ContactOMatic is not an example of Architectural Purity! Shock! Horror! Gasp!

To make the separation, I added another ModelGlue configuration file, named ContactAction.xml, to the main ModelGlue.xml file through the use of the include tag as follows:


Download Download

Thanks Adobe onAir BusTour

This past Saturday evening, the Adobe onAir Bus Tour breezed into Raleigh/Durham for a three hour stop. Mike Chambers and Kevin Hoyt gave presentations on AIR, the technology formerly known as Apollo, and the rest of the onAIR Bus Tour team took questions.

Overall, I was left with the impression that jumping from Web Application Development to AIR Application Development can be very easy and the learning curve is small. By leveraging skills I already possess, HTML, Javascript, Ajax Frameworks, and Flex/ActionScript, I can create relevant cross-platform applications with all the power and reach of Native Desktop applications.


Solving Problems with FireBug

Dave Ferguson posted recently about HTML CFGRID style column content and focuses on how to style columns in an HTML CFGRID. The true gem of this post is how he used Firebug to walk down the markup and find the class names and properties of the CFGRID output.

Firebug is truly a wondrous tool. I use it every single day and I save a TREMENDOUS amount of time when working with HTML and Javascript. Also, I've really reduced the number of times typing:

view plain print about
1alert('what is this variable ' + varName );
view plain print about
1alert('Just work this time, #$*@*&$&!! ' + varName );

I wrote about Firebug previously and provided a link to a Video by Joe Hewitt explaining the feature set of Firebug 1.0. Joe Hewitt created Firebug and does a great job showcasing the features on this video, courtesy of YUI Theater. I recommend viewing this video, if you have not already.

Thanks go to Dave his original post. I look forward to more great content at Dave Ferguson's blog.

My Hole in One caught on tape

My very first Disc Golf hole in one recorded for your viewing pleasure.

Upload Video - Top 50 - Get Video Code

10 Tips on car ads

I am presently looking to replace my 'vintage' Porsche. She's been a great car but I have trouble stuffing my mountain bike inside. So I need something different. I spent an hour looking through the car section on and felt absolutely compelled to write a quick article about how and how not to write car ads.


The Evil Side of Maintain Database Connections and Stored Procedure Errors

A word of caution. When working with Stored Procedures in a development environment, do yourself a favor and untick the 'Maintain Database Connections' option.

If a stored procedure call results in an error, Maintaining Database Connections will sometimes cache the error and hand it back to you regardless of how the call is altered. These are very annoying symptoms to debug! In fact, when I first figured this out, I had already spent 4 hours the previous day combing through an Oracle stored procedure for any possible error when I logged in fresh at 8AM to find the process magically working. I felt like I was on Candid Camera. When I dug deeper, I found unticking 'Maintain Database Connections' would allow my SQL Stored Procedure calls to process fresh each time.

So you can pull out your hair if you want to, or you can untick Maintain Database Connections in your development environment.

A note, the Maintain Database Connections setting is under the Advanced Settings for a specific Datasource configuration. As far as I know, you will have to alter every datasource individually.