Where is the Debugger or Profiler running? Flex Builder Debugger

Where is the Debugger or Profiler running? Why, localhost, I presume.....

Recently I installed Flex Builder 3 on a new machine and experienced an error when running/debugging Flex applications. What would happen is:

  • I run a Flex application
  • A popup loads asking "Where is the debugger or profiler running?"
  • I select localhost
  • The popup briefly disappears
  • The popup returns asking "Where is the debugger or profiler running?"

Another message that showed up is "A connection to the debugger or profiler could not be established by Adobe Flash Player 9"

Clicking the cancel button removed the popup and continued running the Flex application. The debugger was not working properly.

After some searching and some trial and error, I found the Flex Debugger runs on port 3434. Unblocking this port in the firewall allowed the debugger to connect on localhost.

Surprisingly, this wasn't documented very well. I hope this helps someone else. Programming in Flex without the debugger makes Homer something something...

Update The popup has come back! Oddly enough, the debugger runs now. I am very glad for that. However running any compiled Flex/AIR code brings up this silly "Where is the debugger?" popup. If anyone has an idea how to supress this, please let me know.

Update: This has been solved. Details are located here. Thank You to Shannon Hicks for giving me the solution.

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My new Lenovo x61s specs out at over $11,000

The Lenovo x61s is one of the best Ultra Portable laptops on the market. I have confidence in Lenovo quality and would purchase this laptop without hesitation, were it not $11,000.

I propose Lenovo mail me a well equipped x60s and I'll perform a fair review and post it here. If I were to spend such a significant amount of money on a laptop, I would expect it to preserve my data after a Car Crash. I would also expect it to function in the weightless environment found during an Alien Abduction. (I've got to get the pics on Flickr or no one would believe me.)

Thankfully, Lenovo posted such videos of laptop tests in car crashes (very cool when the laptop hits the wall and flexes), water tanks (a bit hokey) and weightless environments (plain awesome). You can view the videos on Lenovo Vision.

Here are some other reasons why I like Lenovo

  • Offers XP in addition to Vista
  • Linux Friendly
  • Has large office in RTP, North Carolina
  • Legendary Reliability
  • Laptop keyboard designed to withstand accidental liquid spillage up to 60cc
  • Has super-sweet Ultra Portable line. (x60 and x60s)

I need to purchase an Ultra Portable this year. I hoped Apple would release their new hardware in time. It looks like they won't. Stay tuned for any sweet deals on Lenovo!

Do you live near Research Triangle Park?

I've created a group on ColdFusionCommunity.org just for you! Join ColdFusion in RTP today and get to know your fellow developers.

Find Dan Wilson on ColdFusionCommunity.org


You can find me on the ColdFusionCommunity.org site at http://www.coldfusioncommunity.org/profile/DanWilson


Thanks to Nick Tong for setting this up. Thanks also to CJ for encouraging me to sign up.

You mean....

You aren't on ColdFusionCommunity.org yet? Well, sign up quick, before all the free memberships are gone.


Yes, I'll be your friend....

XP Drivers for Toshiba A215 - S7428

Recently I removed Windows Vista and installed Windows XP on the Toshiba A215-S7428. The Windows XP installation is complete and functioning properly. Due to the driver incompatibilities, this process was much more annoying than I thought it ever could be.

To get this to work, you have to pretty much forget the Toshiba site. It is mostly unhelpful and will send you over the edge. Instead, one must dig down deep into the operating system. One must manually edit driver inf files. One must deal with trying to find a driver for "Unknown System Device".

Fortunately, some unnamed kind soul has done all the hard work for you. I have been asked by unnamed kind soul to say the following:


Application Architecture and the elusive Right Answer

I often listen carefully to Chris Scott, one of the authors of ColdSpring. He has a keen mind for Application Architecture and Object Oriented Programming. Recently, while responding to a post on the ColdSpring-Dev list, he made a point that bears repeating. Rather than rephrase, I'd like to quote him directly:

There are tons of developers out there working on small teams that really don't need to be going crazy trying to protect their code against themselves. Larger projects, larger teams may very well set different standards[...]
-Chris Scott

So often, the 'right answer' depends on all the elements in the equation. Architecture decisions are about effectively managing trade offs. The 'right' answer could be Extensibility over Simplicity, Performance over Maintainability, Clarity over Convenience.

A shop with 4 developers delivering lots of little projects has quite different needs over an enterprise with 50 developers supporting years of mission critical code. The cost of a mistake are not equal. The contributions of an individual is not equal. The measure of success is not equal. The 'right answer' is also not equal.

It is up to you, developers and architects to constantly educate yourself on technologies and standards. Be mindful of your environment. Challenge your viewpoints. Ask questions.

As for the 'right answer' I'll quote the ever wise Mr. Corfield, "It Depends".

Automate Your Work. Do More With Less. Go Home Earlier. Jim Priest @ TACFUG Tonight

Do you dread testing your applications? Do you get bored typing 'asdasd' in the First Name field of your forms? Have you ever accidentally forgot to test functionality in your application only to have it all go down in flames when you launch to production?

While that has never happened to me, (looks around shifty), there are ways to reduce testing effort while gaining test coverage through automation.

The Triangle's own Jim Priest will give a talk tonight about Selenium. You need to be there.

As an added bonus, Jim will also give an encore presentation on ANT.

RSVP for the meeting at TACFUG.org

Meeting Details:
Location: Pstrat / http://www.pstrat.com/who-office.cfm
Time: 6:30pm
Food: Pizza / drinks

TACFUG and RDAUG are also looking for a new meeting spot. If you have meeting space available in the RTP area, please let us know.

Silverlight ups the Ante - Flex still rules

On October 24th, Rob Zelt presented Silverlight to the Raleigh Durham Adobe User Group. I blogged about this on Nodans.com and promised to keep an open mind.

Silverlight is an impressive piece of technology in its own right. I was impressed by a number of features in the technology. A number of misconceptions I held were dispelled and I throughly enjoyed the presentation.