Flex Builder and CFMX RDS

Just a public service announcement for those using Flex Builder. Flex Builder really enjoyes defaulting to port 8500 at all possible turns. I was playing with the RDS extentions and couldn't get the server to connect. RDS was ( in fact ) enabled in the CFadmin. I changed the RDS password a few times and still had no connection. Turns out the default connection was to our friend port 8500. I found the configuration information in the helpful Flex Builder docs. The RDS configuration was tucked away in window/preferences. When creating a Flex project the docs say:

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1To configure any ColdFusion servers that you want to connect to using RDS:
2In Flex Builder or Eclipse, select Window - Preferences - RDS Configuration.
3To configure the default localhost server, select localhost and specify the following:
5Host name (
6Port number (8500 if you are using the built-in web server)
7Context root, if necessary

Once the port was switched to port 80, I was in business. I want to do a full evaluation of the wizards available in Flex Builder. Dean Harmon has published three Adobe Connect sessions on Flex / CF wizards. I am going to give them a go and post my experiences later on this weekend.

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