Field is a reserved word in cfqueryparam

A workflow application I recently worked on tracks workflow between two groups, a legal group and a group working in the field. I aptly named the groups "legal" and "field".

This turned out to cause problems when using cfqueryparam. The column was a varchar column so I would imagine the text 'FIELD' would be just another string of text


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1Macromedia][SQLServer JDBC Driver]Unsupported data conversion.
3SELECT TOP 1 TimeCardID, ObjectID, UserID,
4UserType, DateTimeIn, DateTimeOut, DateCreated FROM
5TimeCard WHERE ObjectID = (param 1) AND UserType =
6(param 2) ORDER BY DateCreated
9(param 1) = [type='IN', class='java.lang.String',
10value='72FAE9F0-16D4-3001-353F84B2E749664D', sqltype='cf_sql_varchar']
11, (param 2) = [type='IN', class='java.lang.String', value='FIELD',

I had no problem using the value 'FIELD' in the same column without cfqueryparam. It would seem something inside cfqueryparam must gets unhappy with the text string 'FIELD'

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1SELECT TOP 1 TimeCardID, ObjectID, UserID,
2UserType, DateTimeIn, DateTimeOut, DateCreated FROM
3TimeCard WHERE ObjectID = (param 1) AND UserType =
4'FIELD' ORDER BY DateCreated
7(param 1) = [type='IN', class='java.lang.String',
8value='72FAE9F0-16D4-3001-353F84B2E749664D', sqltype='cf_sql_varchar']

Note: The word 'field' doesn't appear in the MSSQL Reserved word list nor in the SQL Reserved words checker by the illustrious Pete Freitag. Thusly, I believe this is specific to cfqueryparam only.

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